Favorite Social Media Post

Our program is built around collaborative environments.  Educators share so many creative and intriguing problems on social media that it’s worth sharing again and again.  If you find a problem on social media you’d like to share send it to us and we’ll continue to build our library.  Send problems to office@think_mathematics_us.com and be sure to provide the source so we can give credit where credit is due.


Love the emphasis on creativity. Number choice is key when planning a lesson.

source|Pam Harris

Challenged pupils to find 1 to 100 using only 1 to 5 and all four operations, using numbers once per calculation. Can you fill in the gaps? #mathschat

source|mathematics mastery

When we encourage mental calculation, reasoning skills flourish!

source|Greg Tang

Where might you start? 


Great for problem solving!


It is better to solve ONE problem five ways than five different problems.


Geometry and Measurement

Visualization- What the mind sees but the eyes do not.

source|Christopher Danielson

What do we know that can help us get started?

source|Catriona Shearer

Pose the task and allow students to explore.  Listen for the vocabulary they bring without formal instruction.

source|mathematics mastery


Reverse the task.  Provide the solution and allow the student to figure out the problem.



Provide opportunities for students to work with problems that may be not typically be in the curriculum.