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think!Mathematics is part of a comprehensive program to improve math education by making good math teachers GREAT. think!Mathematics is a textbook series published by SL Education in Singapore known worldwide for its innovative approach to building better math students. think!Mathematics US is the exclusive distributor for the think!Mathematics series in the United States and is partnered with Mathodology, an innovator in the professional development of teachers and programs using videos, workshops and hands on, on-site training to implement customized strategies for incredible success by math students.

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Sarah Schaefer - Think Mathematics US

[Sarah] + Schaefer

Principal, Mathodology, Atlantic Beach, FL

Since 1995, Sarah Schaefer, M.Ed., has been teaching K-12 Mathematics in public and private school settings. She understands your biggest concerns when it comes to teaching and learning mathematics. Schedules are limited. Classes are short. Change is constant. Teachers are being pulled in many directions while looking for ways to connect with students to enhance their understanding of mathematical content. As an early adopter of the Singapore methodology, Sarah’s iterative approach optimizes performance and maximizes knowledge retention. Sarah is passionate about mathematics, teaching, and creating relationships that result in deeper content knowledge. Her extensive experience in implementing the Singapore curriculum has involved not only students and teachers, but leading institutes who have adopted her collaborative process.  At The Bolles School, Sarah created the curriculum from the ground up by simplifying and focusing on delivery and developing content knowledge. She believes in empowering teachers, students, and parents to be creative in their thinking and understanding of mathematics, resulting in a more valuable and meaningful learning environment.



[Dr. Yeap] + Ban Har

Principal- Pathlight School, Singapore & Anglo Singapore International School, Thailand

[Dr. Yeap] + Ban Har​

Dr. Yeap Ban Har is an established name in Singapore Math. As an educator, he has taught classes around the world. As an academic, he has presented keynote lectures at international conferences and written for academic publications. He is also well-known for lesson study and is a specialist in the APEC Lesson Study Project.

Ban Har spent ten years at the National Institute of Education (Singapore), where he taught a range of teacher education courses, including graduate courses. He continues to teach courses and supervise practicums at tertiary institutions such as the National Institute of Education (Singapore), SIM University (Singapore), and Wheelock College (United States of America) in adjunct and associate positions. He also sits on the advisory board of the Professional Advisory Council of NTUC First Campus, a major provider of early childhood education in Singapore.

Ban Har holds Master of Arts in Southeast Asian Studies, Master of Education and Ph.D. in Mathematics Education.

[Gregory] + Bertha

Math Instructional Coach, JK-8, St. Andrew’s School, Boca Raton, FL

[Gregory] + Bertha​Gregory Bertha is an elementary school math teacher who delivers rich math instruction for his 4th and 5th-grade students while coaching fellow educators to success with the Singapore Math® methods. With ten successful years of experience teaching elementary students in a private school setting, Greg has brought his own style to the Singapore approach. He is passionate about education and making mathematics meaningful and fun for students and teachers alike.

Greg serves as the Lower School Math Specialist at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School in Boca Raton, Florida. Working with students whose parents are known to be highly invested in their children’s education, Greg bridges the home/school connection with grace and enthusiasm for long-term understanding of difficult math concepts. Greg has been a pivotal leader in the implementation of the elementary Singapore Math® curriculum at his school from textbook adoption through staff training.

Gregory Bertha was the 2016 recipient of The Patten Family Foundation Grant for Sustaining Teaching Excellence. He holds certifications in K-6 Elementary Ed and also K-12 Exceptional Student Education. Greg shows exemplary gains in his classroom instruction, and his rich mathematics teaching builds a lifelong foundation for students. Greg’s love of education has progressed into a passion for training fellow educators to anchor each new math concept with consequential opportunities for significant success in learning.

[MJ] + Kinard

Grade 4 Teacher, Suwannee Intermediate School , Title 1 

[Gregory] + Bertha​MJ Kinard is known amongst her peers as an innovating teacher who is passionate about bringing relevance and understanding to her classroom math instruction. As an elementary school educator in Suwannee County, MJ has exceeded all of the state benchmarks for excellence and now trains teachers in the Singapore Math® -based methods that have enhanced her natural abilities as a teacher. MJ has been recognized as one of Florida’s High Impact Teachers for the subject of Mathematics and is categorized as a highly effective teacher.

MJ graduated from Florida State University in 2003 with a degree in Elementary Education and is certified to teach grades K-6 with an endorsement for ESOL instruction. MJ has fourteen years of instructional experience with students at all levels of the elementary curriculum in both rural and Title One schools. MJ found such significant success in implementing Singapore Math® strategies in her own classroom that she was invited to train teachers in both Suwannee and Madison Counties before beginning her work with Mathodology.

[Patrick] + Huett

Math Specialist, Latin School of Chicago

[Patrick] + Huett​

Patrick Huett Has 17 years of teaching experience spanning from Pre-Kindergarten through High School Seniors.

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science – Elementary Education & Study of Exceptional Students from Texas Christian University and a Master of Education in Instructional Design from Western Governors University. In addition, he currently holds a teaching certification in Texas, Illinois, and California including certifications in Special Education, Elementary Education, Cross-cultural, Language & Academic Development, and Computer Concepts and Applications.

His special education experience includes being a case manager and, eventually special education coordinator. After over a decade in special education,  I moved into Response to Intervention where I serve students who need math support and I facilitate/coach other teachers in supporting students through curriculum and instruction. With additional experience including

Lower School/Middle School – Math Intervention & Support

Response to Intervention (RTI) Facilitator/Coach Elementary grades

Special Education Coordinator – Middle School (Grades 5 – 8)

Special Education Teacher in Middle School and High SchoolEducational Consultant/Curriculum Correlation Project Manager for CLASS IEP

Patrick believes in providing access to all learners through meaningful mathematical experiences, purposeful context, models, and tools. He feels his role is to guide and facilitate students through the process of seeing the beauty in mathematics, prompting inquiry of the mathematical world around them.

Shing Lee Publishers Pte Ltd is a leading publisher of educational books, interactive books, and digital platforms in Singapore and in more than 40 countries worldwide.  Founded in 1935, they are dedicated to creating and publishing quality teaching and learning materials with global standards.

Andrea, Shing Woei, and Sarah at NCTM San Diego
The think!team in San Diego

“Sarah Schaefer’s work has been transformational for our Lower School at Lovett. She is an educator of rare form, who demonstrated such depth of mathematical knowledge and understanding as well as children and adults as learners. Our entire community – of administrators, teachers, and parents – have been in awe of her intelligence, critical thinking, humility, and humor. At ease with every age of child and every type of learner, our teachers were eager to learn from and with Sarah. They continuously clamored for more time with her and named their professional development with Sarah as the most powerful of the year. No other consultant, workshop, or conference has had such a profound effect on how we teach math. Sarah’s work and presence have truly been invaluable!”

Ashley Marshall


Think Mathematics US and Sarah Schaefer

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think-mathematics-us.com is committed to supporting teachers, parents, and students using the think! Mathematics Program. We believe given the right opportunities, both students and teachers can learn and teach mathematics to the highest level. We raise the bar, Inspired to continue to grow as a leader in providing the best math curriculum and support. We encourage teachers to become confident in their abilities and to reach all students.